Ripped Paper Art Project

December 1st, 2009 in Crafts

Last week we were very very busy playing with art projects, jumping off of couches into pillows, spending our mornings in forts and having movie nights. You know how it is 😉 just SO stressful. 😉

I think we spent most of the week at my house.  My car got a nice long break.  So, of course, when we were flipping through all of our crafts books I was searching for crafts that would not make me brush my hair, get out of my pjs and get into my car!

A long time ago…a long long time ago when we didn’t own any businesses and life was SIMPLE, I scrapbooked. So downstairs in our empty basement are a few boxes of scrapping supplies I know will never be touched again.  We used a few sheets for a Ripped Paper Art Project.


6 pages of bright colored, fun patterned scrapbook paper

3 pages of cardstock for the collage to go on





1. Have your kids rip the 6 sheets of scrapbook paper any way they choose.

2. Either lightly with pencil trace out the shape they want to “collage” or just let them do whatever they would like!


3. Glue the ripped paper, overlapping the edges to make it look like the pictures you have in your mind.


4. When done Mod Podge the whole paper (everything is better and shinier and cooler with Mod Podge).

5. Let dry and display!


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