Review of Noodles & Company

September 2nd, 2009 in party time

Utah has twelve Noodles & Company locations, I pass it by quite a bit and always wondered what kind of place it was. The girls and I along with Rebecca, Camille and their little girls too were invited by the Murray Noodles and Company to give it a try. You should check out if there is a Noodles & Company in your neck of the woods, chances are there is!

Boy did the girls have a ball making noodle necklaces and decorating their Mac & Cheese bowls.

Why I love them as a Mom? Its a clean restaurant, I can add FRESH broccoli and tofu (yes GOOD tofu, I know, it’s amazing, I made them tell me where they buy it) into their Mac & Cheese. That it is right next to Barnes & Noble one of our favorites places and their customer service is fantastico!

It is always funny to me what hidden gems you find in each new place I review. I mean things that you wouldn’t even think of them being known for they are! For instance:

They have amazing meatballs, who would have thought?

They have one of the best Rice Krispie treats I have ever had, who would have thought?

Potstickers…oh their Potstickers I have been CRAVING these, who would have thought?

I also love that the GM or manager (whoever is in charge) takes the time to actively be involved in their community almost every single month by supporting a new cause. This winter they will be helping out Toys for Tots, such a wonderful cause. I love to see businesses that take the time to do this.

Thanks Noodles & Company, we sure did have a blast :)

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