Red Potato Leek Soup

Mmm… Leeks are so yummy. I made this soup from my head. I hope I can create the recipe from memory.  It is quite simple.

Red Potato Leek Soup


Bunch of Leeks. Chop base into slices (white/light green part) and let sit in a “bath” to get dirt out

1/2 of chopped Onion

Two Sprigs of Thyme

2 lbs of Red Potatoes, washed and diced

4 cups of Chicken Stock

1 1/2 cups of Cream

Salt & Pepper




1. Chop leeks (let sit in bath), potatoes and onion.

2. Saute up onions, garlic, thyme, butter, salt and pepper.

3. Throw in red potatoes. Cook for one to two minutes.

4. Add in 4 cups of chicken stock and let cook until potatoes are done. Don’t forget to remove sprigs of thyme.

5. Add in cream and then pulse in blender (BE CAREFUL. It explodes when too hot and too full) to make a chunky soup.


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