Recipe Tuesday…Eh…Maybe Not

September 21st, 2010 in About Me, cooking, Raising Kids on Read Food


No cooking going on over here.

My day is either filled with spilling my cookies or telling my body NOT to do it. If you could hear my brain thinking for the full day, you would hear things like this: “No.  No.  No.  KEEP IT IN!” or “Think of ice, nice cool ice,” or “BE A ROCK, WOMAN.  KEEP IT DOWN.”

My kids and husband are really freaked out.  For date night this past weekend I spent the whole movie with my hand clamped over my mouth sitting as far away from my husband as possible.  Then at dinner I spent forever going, “Hmm would I throw that up? What about that?”  And then I just ate chips. It seemed like a really great Mexican restaurant.  I will have to go back in a few weeks.

Finally at the end of the date my husband looked at me and just said, “Boy this is FUN!”

Looking at cookbooks or watching Food Network throws me into the bathroom.

I went to my favorite place, Moochies, and the sandwich tasted HORRID to me.  I was just so sad.

Honestly I have no idea what my kids have been eating…really, I don’t have a clue. Hope it’s not too bad.

SO PLEASE. Tell me ladies.  What in the world was safe for you during this time?

My body is running on FUMES, I tell ya.  If this pregnancy is like the other ones, I’ll feel real better very, very soon.  Any day now.

Until then, HELP!


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