Reagan’s Blessing Day

October 8th, 2012 in About Me

I realized that there was only one Sunday available before Tyler went off to Costa Rica so we needed to bless Reagan, before she was even 3 weeks old. Luckily my mom already had her blessing dress done. My mom has made one for all of my girls and it surprises me how much I like them because I am not a fancy gal. But I really get into my girl’s blessing dresses.

I tried to take Reagan’s pictures 3 different times but she was screaming each time, but then on the last time she tired herself out and fell asleep:

On her blessing day I survived getting four girls ready for church and leaving a full hour earlier than normal. (Can I get a WHAT WHAT!!) SEE PROOF:

Wait I also should have added I even got MYSELF ready, that never happens.

I cry when every baby girl is blessed for a few reasons: their Daddy loves them a lot, they have others in their lives that love them so much (grandpas, grandmas, aunts & uncles), and because I feel overwhelmed. Every blessing says that they need to look to their mother (and sisters and aunts and grandmothers) as examples in their lives and I feel extremely inadequate. But it keeps me going, keeps my trying harder, keeping me praying more throughout the day. Lately I have been feeling like a mess of a mom, my poor girls, I will get a hang of things soon (I think and hope)!

Sweet Reagan, we sure love you.

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