Reagan Jo–5 months

February 24th, 2013 in About Me

Reagan’s fussiness is melting away–thank the heavens! Your fourth (or fifth or sixth for that matter) child shouldn’t be fussy. That business needs to be saved for when your hands are less full. My first was a fussy baby, which is mean to do to a new mom. So from now on fussy babies should be given the second sibling position in the family. That seems like a fair spot. But as my husband says, because he tells me his mom said….”Life isn’t fair!” But like I said it is melting away and outbursts are saved only for moments of overheating. If I run errands, take a walk, teach the class at the library. Anything without AC or shade or at least a breeze, that is when the grumpiness comes.

I used to tell people out and about when they were worried about her that she was “enjoada cuando calor” but that is wrong. Enjoada is really not the word and you say caliente instead of calor. But listen folks, you can’t be picky with my Spanish. You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit!

So when she overheats (and she does so quickly if you are not careful) she is not happy. And just in case you didn’t pick up on it—we live in Costa Rica. So the overheating happens. Thankfully she is finally starting to take water, so we are working on it.

Reagan Jo sure is a giggly baby, very ticklish and she loves to laugh when I sing to her. “Oh what do you do in the summertime” makes her erupt into laughter. This probably means I am a brillant vocialist, no?

Like all my babies she likes to be with her mama–solomente conmigo! All my babies are the same. Out here they use a word for babies who only like to be with their mamas–huraña.

She has two teeth, that was a bit painful for her when they popped through. She really loves to be on her tummy and has started playing with toys. Well no not playing, grabbing and stuffing in her mouth. All her sisters make her smile and laugh. Boy oh boy that is something really special to watch.

Her hair is following the path of Poki’s hair. So it started to fall out and is being replaced with lighter wispier hair. I do hope she is a blondie. Then I could have two sets of salt and pepper shakers. She has bright blue eyes, now I have three with bright blue eyes. But they are all so different and then I have one hazel girl.

Everyone tells me she looks like her Daddy. She does resemble that buzz cut, blue eyed man I am married too. Because she too looks as if she has a buzz cut and has bright big blue eyes.

The only baby holding device I brought with me was an old baby bouncy seat. It has been passed down from all my babies and now is salt stained by the sea air. I realized when I found her bouncing away in it that she is the only baby that has figured out what it is used for. Bouncing. She kicks her little leg as hard as she can over and over so she bounces up and down.

She is the fourth, so is forced to be more patient. Although I would say that is does her no good, patience is something she does not have. So she gets spoiled by me and then my other baby gets to stay up due to not being babied enough during the day.

My oldest has been acting…well older, like she is entering the next phase of childhood. So I think to myself why did I wish the days of sleepless nights and many moons of diapers away so fast? I thought about how Reagan will be the last baby that I get to hold in the middle of the night. I hear her little cries and go to get her. That feeling of putting her little body next to mine to nurse in the middle of the night. That soon will be gone. And I don’t want it to be. So my whines of not sleeping have dwindled away. Most nights she now only wakes up once. My other three were sleeping through the night by this age. But she is so itty bitty that she can nurse whenever she wants.

I do wish I knew how much she weighed or how long she was. Maybe I’ll try again to weigh her at the feria and then try to figure out pounds for kilograms.

Lastly she is doing something I adore. When my babies are old enough they start stroking my face when they nurse. She is doing that right now—swoon. What a doll.

Love you baby doll #4.

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