Re-Run Week: Little Critter Tea Party

January 28th, 2011 in Parties, party time

My camera is broken…so basically the universe was telling me to take a break…so this week is “Re-Run” week of my past posts. Enjoy! P.S. Who says you can’t have a Little Critter Tea Party in the dead of winter? I think we all must.

The girls wanted to throw a tea party over the summer with their neighborhood friends and, of course, I said we shall! I mean, how do you say no to requests like that? The night before the party, Abby and I sat down to think of what we were going to do and we decided on a Little Critter Tea Party!

For decor, we used our set-up that we use for every single party and birthday celebration (and we still are in love with it).

This is what was on the menu and agenda:

Making ladybug cupcakes (they didn’t turn out but it was still fun)

Making paper flowers (just a pipe cleaner, button and scrapbook paper cut out into a flower shape)

Eating a caterpillar of fruit, peanut butter & jelly butterfly sandwiches (made by cutting the sandwich into triangles with carrot sticks as antennae) and pink lemonade for tea


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