Re-Run Week: Clay Necklaces

January 27th, 2011 in Crafts

My camera is broken…so basically the universe was telling me to take a break…so this week is “Re-Run” week of my past posts. Enjoy! P.S. Don’t you think you could do these for V-Day? I think so!!

Kids Clay Necklaces

These Kids Clay Necklaces were so easy and fun for my young girls to make. I love projects that my children honestly CAN help with and that are not too complex.


Polymer Clay



Leather “String”

Kabob Stick


1. Read the directions on the back of your Polymer Clay package and follow to form different shapes.

2. Take your stamp and with or withOUT ink, put a design into the clay. If using ink, make sure to only use a light amount. Then stamp into the clay.

3. Use the kabob stick to put a good sized hole into the top of the clay.

4. Bake your polymer clay according to the directions on the back of your Polymer Clay package.

5. After cooling, string in the “leather” and wear!


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