Ramona…I mean Abby

December 3rd, 2009 in About Me

“Hello, welcome to class.  Please pull out your folders and let’s work on letter C. Remember, letter C is like you are drawing a circle but you just don’t finish!”

“Miss Biney!  Look I did it!”

“Great, Ramona.”

“Mom! You mean Abby, silly!”

“Oh yes, I mean Abby.  Silly me.”


I accidentally call her Ramona about 10 times during our hour-long daily “school time.”  Oh, the little things I do to keep that one tricked into being focused.

That sweet little Ramona…uh, I mean Abby.

*If you have not read Ramona (which, really, why haven't you yet?)
this makes absolutely no sense to you.


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