Raising Kids on REAL Food

I am beyond excited for my newest project to help spread the word about a Food Revolution in America. I will continue to share one recipe a week like I have been doing, but now it will be on Tuesdays and will be focusing on Raising Kids on REAL Food.

This will be about REAL food that fits into a budget, that works even if you aren’t into the whole “organic” movement (even though I personally am), and that can actually fit into our lives as very busy parents.

Instead of giving you a list of what’s “bad” or what you “shouldn’t do” every single week, I am going to provide you with one recipe that can get you closer to raising your kids on REAL food so you can raise healthy children who have a good relationship with food.

My goals with Raising Kids on REAL Food are to help us work towards:

  • Developing our relationships with our children by cooking with them, building their self esteem and having a lot of fun together.
  • Teaching our children WHERE food comes from, from everything to where certain produce comes from to how certain dairy products are made.
  • Explaining WHY our bodies need the “good stuff” that comes from certain foods and how our bodies act when we don’t have them in our diet.
  • Raising kids who have a love for healthy nutrition instilled in them so they can be  healthy adults and raise healthy children of their own.
  • Providing you and me with a weekly idea of something new we can try together so that we can all start become better at working on this or just get new ideas to continue Raising Our Children on REAL Food. So that they expect it at home, in their communities and in their schools.

Can’t wait to show you my first idea/lesson/recipe tomorrow! Let me know of any suggestions or requests you have. Feel free to post about it on your blog as well.  The button above is free for anyone to use!

P.S. If you haven’t already, you can sign the Food Revolution Petition by clicking on the Food Revolution Petition button on my right hand sidebar.

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