Raising Kids on REAL Food: Lemonade

I never really liked the lemonade served at parties and picnics that came from a mix. It tasted weird to me but when I tasted *REAL* lemonade…whoosh! Who knew that was what is was really supposed to taste like?

I love making lemonade.  It is weirdly relaxing and I just love that the girls see…”Hey those are real lemons. We are pouring the juice into the water, adding some sweetener and voila! Lemonade comes from real…ya know… lemons!”

Real food, real lemonade. You are all officially invited to our lemonade stand if it ever warms up.

I am sure every single time we make lemonade the exact measurements are a bit different, so don’t get too hung up on being exact.  But here is a guide:

Real Lemonade

makes one pitcher


6 Lemons

An almost full pitcher of cold water

1/2 cup of Agave Nectar OR 1 cup of Simple Syrup (yes it is crazy easy to make, directions here)

Optional: Some berries sprinkled with a bit of sugar and smashed with the back of a fork


1. Juice your lemons, add to the water.

2. Add in the sweetener of your choice, taste a bit and add more if needed. (But not if you are putting berries in the lemonade because they will help add more sweetness)

3. Drink the REAL lemonade made from…you know REAL lemons.

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