Raising Kids on Real Food–Healthy Chicken Salad

Sandwiches are one of my favorite things to prepare and eat for family dinner in the summer.  Cooking anything in the oven or on the stove just makes the house even hotter.  Sometimes I don’t even like dealing with a crock pot!  This recipe will not heat up your house, other than when you cook the chicken quickly. And you can always get a rotisserie chicken, although I prefer just the chicken breast meat in this healthy chicken salad recipe.

My girls love the grapes, nuts and yogurt in this salad.  They find chicken salad with mayo a bit yucky, but this way it seems as if they are eating a yummy cup of yogurt! (They are used to just plain flavored yogurt.)

Healthy Chicken Salad


2 Chicken Breasts, seasoned, cooked and diced

1 3/4 cups of Plain Yogurt

3 tsp of Curry

3 Celery Ribs, chopped

1/2 of an Onion, chopped

1 1/2 cups Grapes, halved

4 tsp of Parsley, chopped

1 cup chopped almonds OR pecans OR cashews OR walnuts (my girls usually pick cashews)

Salt & Pepper


1. Combine yogurt and curry powder in small bowl. Then add in the chicken, grapes, celery, onion, nuts and parsley.  Season with salt and pepper.

2. Serve on whatever sandwich bread you like. We really enjoy this with a high grain & seed bread.  The textures go together really perfectly. Such a perfect Healthy Chicken Salad recipe!


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