Raising Kids on Real Food FAIL

November 10th, 2010 in cooking, Raising Kids on Read Food

Well it *WAS* a fabulous idea, but trying new foods doesn’t always work out…

At the Farmer’s Market a local farmer told me I should try turning the persimmons into chips. He said they are very, very sweet and kids love them.

Just let them ripen for about a week when you buy them fresh and slice into thin “chips.” They have a beautiful star in the middle!

You can dry them on a low, low temperature in the oven or if you are lucky enough to have a fruit dryer, you can use that! It is kind of like when you make your own fruit roll ups.

And here is where everything fell apart…my husband didn’t know the persimmons were in the oven and he preheated the oven to 400 degrees…

BUT they are in season right now and it WAS a great idea. Let me know if you try it…not every new food taste testing works out. This one was a FAIL!

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