Raising Backyard Hens

August 4th, 2010 in About Me

If you haven’t read our first post on Raising Backyard Hens you should do that.

I just wanted to show you how much our cute little chicks have grown already!

These are our 4 White Leghorns that have grown the most.  Two of them have become very, very fast. I mean REALLY fast.  I might have made a fool of myself the other day.

Our two Spotted Leghorns are our favorite. They walk right up on us and almost seem to enjoy sitting with us! They are not as fast or growing as fast, but they are the best of the bunch.

Abby still loves the chicks…

…and Cameron hates them. She begs me to go back inside whenever she even *thinks* they are out there!

Our main goal right now with Raising Backyard Hens is to get them used to us…and US (mainly the kid pictured above) used to them.

Would you ever consider raising backyard hens? Why yes or no? Where do you buy your eggs? Do you like a particular brand?


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