Pumpkin Walk in Logan

November 5th, 2013 in Love of Local in Utah

***sorry for the overload of heavy picture posts, this is my last one for awhile!***


The Pumpkin Walk in Logan is my favorite Fall outing. Boy oh boy is Logan magnificent. Sadly my sister and her family don’t live there anymore. So I was surprised to find myself driving up there alone with the girls with no one to meet. I wasn’t surprised to find myself on the phone with my sister while driving there.

Why do family need to move so far away again?

And on the way home I called her and she asked me if the displays matched the theme “A Walk to Remember.” All I had was Mandy Moore in my head and my brain was not clicking. Until I edited these photos, of course it did! Mash, Princess Bride, Russell Simmons, Reading Rainbow, and my favorite the book “Are You My Mother?” Don’t forget Little House on the Prairie, Carebears, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, etc. Yes they did a wonderful job on the theme!

Pull your kids over to look at this post, it is fun to see what people do with the pumpkins:

Such a fun morning and the girls posed for me in their costumes with their fiercest warlock looks or gaga in love with Harry Potter looks!

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