Puerto Vallarta Day 8, Las Caletas with Vallarta Adventures

December 13th, 2014 in Our Travels Worldwide

The Las Caletas Island is owned by Vallarta Adventures. It is an adventure company that is very organized, very touristy, and very scheduled. Which is ok to have a day or two like that on your trip! You have to go to the marina which is a bit of a pain but doable. The boat ride is on a small cruise ship type boat and has a wonderful breakfast for you. If you have a daughter like Reagan you will be pinning their body to yours so they don’t throw themselves overboard the whole time. Still beautiful views though, even while trying to keep your two year old alive.

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When you go things are very scheduled. Want to snorkel? Well you’d better be in the right spot on the island in the 40 minute window the have organized so you can get it done. Which is fine! My husband when I told him about it tried to talk us out of going for a full day. But I wouldn’t let him and we ended up having a lot of fun. If we had a whole vacation in this style it would have been tiresome. For the day though it was so nice to just go where people told us and get a lot of fun activities off our check list. It is a dream there, a man made dream, but whatever just enjoy it. Hammocks on the beach waiting for you, people holding animals, someone blowing a whistle to make macaws fly over your heads, and flamingos off to the side.



Ok fine, it is all fake! But it is FANTASTICALLY FAKE.

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Abby was so excited to snorkel with Tyler. The gear was right there, people to point out where was the best places, and a safe roped off area to do it in. While they were snorkeling there was a man carved out section of the beach that had very very soft waves for the kids, life jackets right there, a man handing out freshly shaved ice, and sand toys waiting for us.

dadandabbysnorke abbysnorkeling abbyanddadsnorkeling

All my sweet daughter Cameron wanted to do is swim out far in the ocean. She pointed as far as she wanted to go and we did it. We swam out far in the ocean for a good hour. They had rafts with beach chairs on them to relax. We would climb on every one and jump back into the ocean. It was my favorite hour of the entire trip. Cameron and I had a ball.

cameronsmile camerondeepend blondes


They have a kids section where you can go take your kids and they can do some activities for an hour. You have to stay there during that time, which isn’t a big deal. The kids can do rock climbing, face painting, zip lining, meet a monkey, ride a donkey, and I’m sure other things I don’t remember.


Listen there is even a meet the animals time. There are people standing there with monkeys, bird, snakes, etc. and you get to hold them! There are also photographers every where asking to take your picture so they can sell them to you at the end. But its ok, just let go and don’t let it bother you.

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The included in price lunch buffet, wow. The free drinks you get all day long, double wow. Just listen, this is not “authentic Mexico” it is all man made. But whatever, just let go and let it be a lazy, everything done for you day.

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  • Linda
    December 14th, 2014 at 12:23 am

    Sometimes it is just so nice to not make any plans, decisions but just go with the flow. Looks like a great day with lots of things to try.