Puerto Vallarta Day 6, places to eat….

December 13th, 2014 in Our Travels Worldwide

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On this day I think we had a down day to recover from the long Yelapa day and prepare for two more trip days in a row. So I will tell you where to eat in Puerto Vallarta. There are just so many to chose from and I’ll give your our favorites:

#1 Pipi’s, now this isn’t a place you are going to go for “local” food. This is a fun, family friendly, clean, fairly priced place you are going to go for really good Mexican food. And perfect, dreamlike guacamole.

#2 Joe Jack’s Fish Shack, is where you are going to go for a beautifully perfectly cooked plate of fish, rice, and beans. The customer service is some of the best I’ve had anywhere, they are so warm and friendly. If you don’t want seafood the mac and cheese, burgers, everything on the menu is deliciously cooked comfort food. You’ll love it. Also their seafood stew you guys, get that as a starter and give everyone a spoon.

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#3 La Playita, is where you go for brunch. For local items like beans, tamales, plantains, fresh fruit, etc. And also American items like sausage, pancakes, etc. It is right on the beach, a gorgeous beach. Everything I had tasted fresh and wonderfully prepared.

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#4 Family run, hole in the wall, lots of locals sitting around TACO STANDS. That is where you need to eat, the locals are all there for a reason.


Other places to try: Coco’s Kitchen, Barcelona Tapas, and Red Cabbage Cafe.

Other random tip, go walk around the Hotel Catedral. It has such interesting artwork, sanctuaries, and walls. Yes even the walls.

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