Pretty Darn Funny by Desert Book

April 2nd, 2012 in About Me, Love of Local in Utah

I have to be honest, I am not entirely sure why the store Desert Book does not appeal to me. I don’t go in there, don’t order things online, I haven’t even thought of the place–for years and years! When I think about what they carry, I wonder why. I could pick up Christmas presents for parents & grandparents, materials for callings, religious presents for the girls (books, special items for baptism day, etc.) and maybe there would be some books and music I would enjoy from there??

I don’t know I just don’t ever go in there or think of going. Maybe…their marketing efforts have never clicked with me?

But then I got some emails from a nice gal about a new project they were working on and asking me to help promote it. I am sure they emailed tons of people, not trying to act like I am a big deal at all, I can’t fool anyone! The new project actually sounded interesting! But I couldn’t agree to anything until I  could really see if it was “Pretty Darn Funny” or not.

This is what I did know:

Desert Book put together some websidoes–a mini comedy web series starring MOMS! 

Hmm…interesting, would I promote it? Eh…I would have to see them first. Would a trailer do? Eh…no I had to see more. So they sent me the first few episodes. I am sure along with a lot of other people, most of them probably quite more important than me!

Alright…guess what? IT’S PRETTY DARN FUNNY.


Who whadda thunk that Desert Book could pull off something so fresh, unique, relatable, funny! Ha, I was so surprised, they did!

Let me tell you a tiny bit more about the episodes and this is my explanation so pardon any mistakes:

A woman (quite a funny woman I might add, I have seen her perform in other things) takes her kids on a family outing to a comedy show that she heard another Mom was taking her kiddos too. She gets there, filth is coming out of the guy’s mouth so she gets up to leave and take her kids with her. The comedian notices her standing up and calls her onstage for a little back and forth. She is good, she is funny! Afterwards she still storms out but he catches up to her and asks her to be part of their comedy troop. Nope she won’t, she will start her own (she dabbled in it a bit in the day in college)! They hold auditions, put together quite a funny and random group, and meet in a Desert Book in the middle of the night to practice. Which makes the small amount of product placement funny, understandable and not annoying-in-your-face like.

Of course in this explanation I didn’t put in any of the character names, punch lines, parts where Tyler and I were snorting (a good snort, a laugh snort!), the very impressive acting, how the webisodes flowed really well, a couple of the jokes that sadly fell flat (but…hey they can’t be perfect, they still are pretty darn funny) and how impressed we were with them.

Anywho, guys, check them out, they have our stamp of approval.

They will release one webisode a week and the first one is premiering….April 2nd, today!

Go to to watch the first one.

Also may I also note that you can submit your own “Pretty Darn Funny” video and if yours wins you get tickets to a cruise or something like that. I just enjoyed watching all the different videos, all different kinds of women posted them. 

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