Presenting…Tallulah by Tori Spelling

Alright…any celebrity can write a children’s book and they make some nice bucks off of it. But really…lots of them should not be writing children’s books. I mean, have any of you read “The English Roses” by Madonna? It’s one of the WORST children’s books out there. Alex Rodriguez’s and Sarah Furgerson’s newest children’s books are both pretty awful too.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Julianne Moore have AWESOME children’s books and you know what?  Tori Spelling’s is quite adorable as well: Presenting…Tallulah, by Tori Spelling.

What I love about it is #1 the illustrations are fabulous. The story is about a really fun girl and her best friend who decide to break out of what everyone else thinks they should do or follow how they think they should act and save a puppy. The only fault I would give the book is that in the beginning it spends a little TOO much time explaining how Tallulah is different.  More of the book should have been about the puppy. But really, it’s worth a buy or a check out at the library or to pick up for holiday gifts. Very Very cute!


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