Poki Happenings

August 12th, 2013 in About Me

Cameron and I had quite a few talks on how we aren’t going to have people call her Poki at school. I explained how it will confuse people and she came back with it isn’t that difficult to remember one nickname. So I came back saying that on the ROLL and on her DESK it already says Cameron so too bad. We’ll see what people call her in her class when I volunteer for the first time.

Cameron had two teeth that were just a-hangin’ for days. I wasn’t going to push her because pulling out teeth is so scary to me. But one day my mom told me that her two grown teeth were fully out and up behind the dangling teeth. So on a hike in the mountains with my sister I decided enough was enough. At the end of the hike I held her down and yanked that sucker out! I didn’t realize that three park rangers were standing there watching me. When I go the tooth out they all started clapping and hollering. The told me later that they were worried about what in the world I was doing to my daughter. But that it soon made sense when I came back up with a tooth in my hand. I was going to ask them to all pose for a picture with Cameron but they went back to work fast after, and I didn’t want to bother.

Her second tooth came out when she was in time out on a campout. So she tells people that her tooth came out when her daddy was mean to her. Ha! Which sounds really horrible.


Cameron also was on the front of a little magazine that went out to all of the residents of Highland, Utah. It was for their “city days” and she made the cover. She was excited about that. It nice for the 2nd oldest to do something that no one else has before.

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