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aRR aRR!

Do you have some pirates that get a little grouchy before lunchtime/naptime?

Distract them. Allow them to growl and stomp around with a purpose!

Start this journey one hour before lunchtime (and then of course naptime or quiet time):

For 15 minutes draw a map of your main floor detailing the “path” they must take around the house.  Mark an X where the clues are. Write out your “GROUCHY PIRATE COMMANDS” (yes Moms, get out some of your built up anger by being a pirate and commanding people) and have your pirates go hide them in the places marked with Xs.

Dress up or find a couple pirates to do this with.

Follow the map and find these “Commands”

*They say pirates sail the Seven Seas. What does that mean?”

(this is where you look it up on wiki and let them watch a pirate you tube video while you take a quick 5 min nap underneath the computer desk <—ok maybe that’s just me)

*Pirates need to be healthy and fit.  Run up and down the stairs and around the house SCREAMING!!!

(You can do this too.  It feels good to act out too)

*What do YOU think pirates like to watch on TV? Find something and sit your pirate self down!

(Word Girl was chosen at our house.  We watched 15 minutes of it while the Mommy Pirate made lunch)

*Pirates like their food HOT HOT HOT. Warm this up in the microwave.

(this would be because they are, once again, eating Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets for lunch)

*Pirates CANNOT pee their pants. Go to the bathroom. Quick, like a pirate!

*Look out the back window for your stinker pirate self’s treasure.

*The mountains are ONLY for pirates to explore. When you awake from your pirate slumber, we will go explore them! Hurry, get in bed! We can even bring a sled!

(This tricks them into naptime and makes yourself do something fun afterwards. During naptime, be lazy and watch a show- since there are SO many good television programs on from 1pm to 3pm on a weekday)

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