Peek, Mini Boden, & Joules: I HAVE A PROBLEM

November 18th, 2013 in Children Product Reviews

My name is Vanessa Brown and I have a problem, I really like to dress up my girls. Thankfully they all still let me. Abby did go through a phase where she swore of dresses but then I just started calling them “Long Tunics,” made sure they had leggings under them, and we were back in business. Cameron went through a stage where she wouldn’t wear jeans so I made sure to buy “Soft Jeans” with a limited amount of pokie buttons. And we were once again back in business. This past summer Abby was annoyed that she had matching outfits with her sisters. But she doesn’t care this fall/winter about it. Phew! My days are limited dressing them up like my little dolls as it is!

Also disclaimer three times last week people asked me, “Oh no are they sick?” “How fun a pajama day!” Uh, no one was sick and that day no one was even in their pajamas. I also last week overheard moms explaining to their kids why some kids stay in pjs all day (one of the moms told them it was because I was trying to keep them warm). Two days last week Cameron went to school with a huge rats nest in the back of her hair, I could not bring myself to deal with the shrill screaming that comes with hair time that day. Next time I’ll show them off on the off days (we have way too many off days) that needs to be documented too!

So with that disclaimer let me show you my dolls and where I bought/received (yes some of these were reviews…another official disclaimer for you) all the clothes I dressed them up in. Too bad after people give me free clothes I just buy more from them. Officially ruining the bonus points of getting free clothes.

All of the clothes in the above picture are from Peek. Peek is a brand that was carried in Nordstrom, still is, but they are opening up stores now. Their website is finally up to date and stocked well. They opened up a store in Utah and are popping up everywhere else across the country. You can find them at  and say hello from me to the cute girls in the Fashion Place Mall store for me!

Pros: adorable, trendy, the prints, not what you see everyday, the layers, the color palettes, the quality, how they don’t shrink, very true to size. The adorable store and even more adorable and helpful staff. You walk in and they are excited to see you and love to play dress up like me! Listen to their advice and suggestions, they aren’t pushy, they are just having F-U-N.

Cons: not a good clearance section, not the best sales, the leggings need to be thicker for winter use, I was really disappointed with their holiday line. Because I would have loved to go back and get their holiday dresses from there, but I didn’t like any of them too much.

All of the clothes above are from Mini Boden. The most dangerous catalog and website OF ALL. They are also a brand that is carried at Nordstrom. They are based in the U.K. and ship (but no, no international shipping charges for you) to the US from their website at

Pros: the selection, the colors, the graphics, the quality (goes through all 4 girls and could be passed to another one), the attention to detail. These clothes make me swoon. Lots of times, most of the time, I get the catalog and throw it in the recycling bin. I cannot even tempt myself to look!

Cons: I have very thin girls, they get comments all the time on it. The doctor assures me that yes they are really thin but very healthy. I was the same way (too bad it didn’t stick). Boden has a new line for older girls with really adorable pieces. I ordered Abby some and they are made for I don’t even know what kind of thin kids. Even the shoes, I don’t like that the brand is doing this. Other stores do this to kids at this age, cut it out, it isn’t a healthy image to portray. Get more true to size because as it stands now, I’ll never order something again from their line “Johnnie B.”  again. Also they don’t have a good clearance section and have stopped the sales I used to love. The other thing that drives me nuts with them is they are out of stock or have tons of items backordered for up to 9 weeks. Dang their clothes being so cute that I will actually wait that long for the items.

All the clothes above are from Joules, which is another company from the U.K. that is trying to get more of a U.S. presence. You can find them online at and they don’t charge you any international shipping rates either.

Pros: I adore the very classic patterns, florals, fabrics, designs they use. It almost looks like it could be straight from a different era but it looks more polished and modern. Their winter clothes are made for winter, the fabrics are heavy, comfy, and warm. They do have a pretty good clearance section. This is a great place to look for family picture outfits, you can just match somewhat in a small pattern found on different piece of each person’s outfit. You can put together these pieces in a family really smartly. Would look fabulous for family pictures.

Cons: I wish they had even more of a selection, I am sure it will build with time. The knits are heavy so please be careful when washing them. If you wash them in cold and dry them, I’ve been fine. But one time I accidentally washed a dress in warm and it shrunk up quite a bit. Really, this line has so many pros and not very many cons, shop for cute girl’s clothing here:

Man, I didn’t even get to posting the girls’ Christmas outfits, they are gorgeous, I’ll have to do those later.

I TOLD YOU I HAVE A PROBLEM! Yes, yes, it is. And if you have a problem too maybe I made you worse off by writing this post. But you’ll have to check all these places out.

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