Peaceable Kingdom Board Games

This isn’t a review–don’t do those anymore. My sister and I found this board game at Blickenstaffs (that huge toy store down in Provo) and the girls and I love it so much I had to show you.

It’s a “Cooperative Board Game” from Peaceable Kingdom. Meaning you work together as a team to complete the game. For instance, in the game below it is all of us vs. the mean ogre. The games are still easy though–take about 10 minutes to finish–this particular one. Which is a perfect time span for most nights at our house.

Anywho-loved it, I am going to order the two other board games they have for the older age bracket. Perfect for kids who might have a hard time when they don’t win and you just want to pull out a game that won’t cause any issues! Loved the quality–not cheapy at all, they will last (just like our other favorite games by Eeboo, they seem to be made with the same quality).

You can browse their games on their website, they also sell them on Amazon.

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