Partying it Up!

March 15th, 2011 in About Me, Parties, party time

Abby had her birthday party last night at Color Me Mine with very limited friends: cousins +1! Of course, cakes and cupcakes were made by That’s My Cake.

Color Me Mine left me feeling a little jipped when I left. If I had more energy I know I could have done a “Color Me Mine” themed party at home and it would have been a billion times better. Oh, but all the little girls had a blast. Abby has been loving insects for a while so her party bags, cupcakes and cakes were insect themed too.

In this picture I asked them to point and laugh at how HUGE my belly is!
I loved watching that little girl love on her friends, feel so special that they were there for HER and being in complete heaven.

I love having little girls and nieces. Lucky, lucky mama I am.


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