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April 2nd, 2017 in About Me

I have always wanted to make homemade vanilla and had a friend make a batch that she was raving about. She gave me good directions and I decided to do it for teacher & neighbor gifts. It didn’t make as much as I thought or maybe I should have bought smaller bottles. So only about have of our neighbors got this gift. Tyler was excited for me to make homemade vanilla too. But he did find it funny that as the ward’s Young Women President that I was dropping off essentially bottles of alcohol to everyone’s door. I didn’t care if they thought that. But what I DO care about is that the vanilla was used! That was good vanilla, I hope it didn’t get thrown out. Because I would have wanted it back!


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The girls all wrote thank you letters to all the teachers in their lives. From dance to piano to church to their instructors at their math school. It sure is quite a lot of teachers! Here is a snapshot of all their letters guarded by Chip.

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We handed out our bragging Christmas card this year as well. Next year I think I should list how awful each of us are to make up for it.



This holiday season was full of parties. Each of my daughter’s host a “book club” with neighborhood girls. Since they are homeschooled it helps them still have fun “classroom parties” with their friends. I think this is our third year doing book club and we have always done the same Christmas party. Each of the girls brings a copy of their favorite book and candy wrapped up to exchange.

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Our ward always does such fun ward parties. My friend Alex and her committee threw such an out of this world Christmas party.

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Favorite Thing Parties are really my favorite parties to throw or attend. I love to hear what other people’s favorite things are and take some of them home with me. I was so excited when a friend of mine hosted one and invited me. Look at the fun stuff I came home with!

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During the holiday season Gilmore Girls came out with new episodes (I didn’t enjoy them too much–I need to give them another try & re watch them). A couple friends and I threw a viewing party. We forgot to take very many pictures but it was so great! We did breakfast diner food, hot chocolate, a raffle for Gilmore Girl prizes, and watched the first episode together. I invited Abby to come with me, but the new episodes are way too adult, whoops!

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I also helped a tiny bit with my friend’s daughter’s sweet 16 party. She did a masquerade Ball and I offered to be the palm reader. I know nothing about reading palms but soon learned. It was a hit and it was cracking me up because the teenage BOYS loved it more than the girls! I also had tons of mints at my table, so maybe that is why it was a hit. Can you recognize me as a palm reader?

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The Brown family we have that live in Utah dropped off a present for the girls for Christmas. It was such a cute idea! Their favorite candies along with their favorite animal in plush form. A big hit :)


My grandparents also stopped by. I didn’t know they were and was so glad I was home! And that my home was somewhat clean. It was nice to see them even if they only stayed a couple minutes.

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