Monday:Family Activity—Easy Outside Games/Activities

Easy Outside Games to Do For Your Weekly Family Activity

My parents were the king and queen of cheap/free family activities. Well most of the time free :) They had five children on a one income family but still wanted to do fun things together. They had to get very creative. My mother had a book growing up full of easy, fun outsides games/activities. She recently gave it to me, but I have misplaced it, so until I find it here are some ideas to try on your weekly family activity:

1. Crockett

2. Frisbee Golf (plot out a course of six or eight holes by having players agree on a series of objects or sites on the playground at which the Frisbee disc will be aimed, Players must keep track of how many throws they take to get the target; the player who completes the course in the fewest number of throws wins)

3.Freeze tag, cartoon tag, make up your own game of tag

4. Spud

You will need a playground ball, Everyone counts off and then stands with one foot on a designated base. The player who is “It” throws the ball high in the air and calls out one player’s number. As the other players scatter, the called player tries to grab the ball. When he does, he shouts “Spud,” at which point the other players must freeze. The ball holder can take two giant steps toward any person, whom he then tries to hit with the ball. The target person can evade the throw by moving his body but not his feet. If the thrower misses or the target catches the ball, the thrower earns an S. If he hits the target, that person earns an S. Whoever earns the letter becomes It and tosses the ball to start the next round. Players are eliminated once they earn S-P-U-D. Last person still in the game wins.

5. Basket ball (around the world, pig)

6. Hopscotch

7. Nature Scavenger Hunt

8. Bike Riding

9. Family Walk (one of our favorite things to do, we play I Spy as we go along—this is my daughter a year ago after a windy family walk) Photobucket

10. Red Light-Green Light (or this game with a twist, found from

Ball, hat, or coat

Have one player, the detective, stand 50 feet or more away from the other players, the fugitives.

To start, she yells “Out of jail” and then turns her back to the fugitives, who begin to advance toward her to steal her badge (a ball, hat, or coat that sits at her feet).

At any moment and without notice, the detective can whirl around and shout “Freeze!” Then, the fugitives must halt completely. Any unlucky fugitive caught moving must sit down where he or she stood and remain in this “jail” for the rest of the game.

The first fugitive to reach and steal the detective’s badge becomes detective for the next game.

Finish the night off with homemade Popsicles/yogurt pops/icecream!

Have fun!

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