Our Kindergarten Bash

September 1st, 2011 in About Me, Parties

Today over at Simple Kids, I shared ideas for “Back to School Parties.” You will have to head on over there to see the three different ideas I shared and why I thought throwing one would be good for kids and parents.

So today we threw our Going to Kindergarten Bash and it was FUN FUN FUN!

Cheap Pizza, Capri Suns, Playing at the Park, Easy Games like Red Rover/Duck Duck Goose and Learning Each Other’s Names.

We did do a “Relay Race” where I had the kids pretend they were asleep. Then I hit the buzzer (alarm clock) and they had to pretend to brush their teeth, put on a shirt & jacket, put all their books and pencils in the backpack, grab their lunchbox and put on their shoes.

Lastly…and I realize this went a little overboard but….really, what do you want me to say? Hi, my name is Vanessa and I go overboard cause I just have way too much fun. I got a cupcake/ice cream truck to come.

Yep. Awesome.

Good luck to all the Kindergartners out there!!

P.S. I also got to teach Abby what being a “host” means which was fun. She has been asking me all day, “Mom I was a good host…right?” Yep, she was an awesome host to 15 soon to be Kindergartners, their moms and little siblings.

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