Oops Halloween is Already Here

September 4th, 2009 in party time

Sorry.  It’s true.  Halloween is sneaking its way into our home. What can I say? Fall is my favorite, Halloween is the girls’ favorite, and man, it sure makes us giddy. Yes giddy, it does.

So this might be downright horrible, but after slaving way on (aka whining while my mom finished) these Halloween skirts, I decided this must be part of the girls’ costumes. Witch costumes to be exact- but they in fact did NOT want to be witches.


So little sneaky old me came up with a plan that worked almost TOO well- to the point where I know it is going to come back to me and bite me hard (but hopefully AFTER Halloween.  Or hopefully, it can be quickly fixed with promises of TONS of Halloween candy).

My little niece loves being a witch for Halloween, and my daughters just adore her.  They spend hours talking about her every day. I said to my niece, “Hey, I’ll give you twenty bucks if you tell Abby she should be a witch for Halloween like you.” (No, I didn’t.  She isn’t old enough to know she needed to charge me.) She simply went up and told Abby to be a witch.  And, of course, it worked like a charm. “Oh me? You want me to be like you? Of course I would do anything to please you! This is the most fantastic idea I have heard all year! Of course I will be a witch! Why didn’t I think of this?” my daughter exclaimed. Well she didn’t say this exactly.  She just squealed YES!!! and it meant all of the above, believe you me.

So here is a sneak peak at their costumes…


Cutest witches ever.

P.S. If you think I am crazy for this post….just wait till the next one, some of you might be flat out livid!


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