Odds & Ends from Grandparent Brown’s Trip

March 27th, 2013 in About Me

(Every time I hear or say the word Bienvenido I have to follow it up with a little bit of the Will Smith song. bienvenido a Miami)

Grandpa came and met Reagan for the first time. Then dotted on Shae’s every need for the entire week. I will ask Shae, “Where is grandpa” and she replies with the saddest face, “….he go.” Oh goodness I remember when my grandparents would come to visit us that when they would leave I would just bawl. I mean bawl, for a long while, even as an older girl. Because when grandparents come you *ALWAYS* have the best week and you know you won’t see them for a long time again. You just want them to stay! Anyway back to grandpa, he loved on Shae the whole week. Then when he left she expected to still be carried around all day.

Grandma did all these sweet things with the girls that little girls just love. Surprise Easter egg hunts, gifts, card games, and starting special traditions. Grandmas are so good and knowing what little girls love. On their last night here she took the girls to the beach for a little “ceremony” under a palm tree. She had a bag of sand from her recent beach trip and a bag of sand from an uncle’s most recent beach trip. So they dug a whole, dumped in the bags of sand, and mixed it with Costa Rica sand. That way when the girls get homesick they can go visit their special spot.

I think one of the best things about grandparents coming to visit is all the attention. Even my husband loves it, I can tell. Everyone has someone new to talk to who really wants to hear what they have to say!

We were sad to see them go. We sent them off with a little bag of chocolate chip cookies made from the chocolate at the farm. I am putting up this picture to tempt them to come back. Also I will tease and say I made the best brownies I have had in my life with the cocoa powder from the farm. 


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