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December 12th, 2009 in About Me

Have you seen The Princess and the Frogyet? We did! I personally like how they go all “entrepreneur” at the end. My girls come from a home with parents that are both business owners so we loved that part. 😉 Even more, the old-school animation took me back to my Disney days.

I wrote another article for Today’s Mama.  This time, it’s a great list on beginning chapter books.  Do you like my picks?  Would you have added another series or author?

Help Seniors this Holiday Season

My Mom over at her blog, The Savvy Grandma, shares something you can do for SENIORS during this holiday time. Even if it is just one present you can afford to give, it will warm up your holiday season.

Over at Always Something to Talk About, we are talking Christmas memories. A super secret recipe for peanut butter chocolate dipped Bon Bons is in a post.

Also, this month I am teaching the women signed up for my Moms Make Money Blogging online membership site how to drive traffic to your blog using social bookmarking, twitter, facebook and press releases. Do you have a blog you want to grow and make money with? Then you need to sign up for my program!

Any Odds and Ends you have seen on the web that you also want to link to? Feel free in the comments below!

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