odds and ends from utah

December 21st, 2012 in About Me

For our last month in Utah we stayed at my parents house. Here are some odds and ends from our last couple weeks in Utah:

Reagan in my old cradle; my grandfather made this for me and all my little babies have slept in it.

Watching cupcake wars and fulfilling the girl’s request to throw one of their own.

How Shae became everyone’s secret favorite and was spoiled rotten.

Being in a house with old pictures, old memories, and getting to spend time with some of them. This one is my great grandmother’s cookbook, I loved leafing through the pages.

Trying to get Shae to walk by bribing her with bags and bags of marshmallows.

Getting to see, sled in, and run around in some snow. Also licking some icicles!

Having the girls still attend classes even with all the craziness going on. Poki loved going to preschool at the bishop wife’s house (sweetest woman alive, along with her teaching partner). The class pet was a stuffed snake and she got to take it home twice along with celebrating her birthday and Halloween at school. Abby adored her art class as well, she needed an outlet to have fun.



Surviving some tough days. One day I went on a long drive to where we used to live when we were first married (our condo in Orem), where I met my husband (we both worked at Maceys in Orem on 800 No.), up in the mountains, and then landed myself at a bakery for a huge cookie. It was an emotional day, but I survived and learned things from it.

Mostly though, just learning that there are some very important people that really adore my girls. And nothing could mean more to me.

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