Our Ocean

June 10th, 2009 in About Me

Dear Abby,

I am sitting down, taking a break since we have been so busy running around getting you ready for your first dance recital. Are you big enough to do this? You are walking around ever so carefully so your “dance princess Cinderella hair” does not come undone.


Daddy calls you our Ocean and now so does your little sister, which fits you perfectly.

The Ocean stills my heart, allows me to reflect on my thoughts and brings my soul peace. This is how I feel when I am with you.

The Ocean is complete with waves that can be as soothing as your voice or as demanding as your little personality can be sometimes.


It is full of many layers and we depend on it for our survival. The intensity of how striking it is in any form and the marvel of what its beautiful waves can create makes it so beautiful to me.

And this is why you are our Ocean.

I hope we can live up to your expectations; you are a little person full of such unbelievable things you’ll experience in a lifetime…I can just feel it.

Love forever,



Images courtesy of Sanae James Photography


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