Night on the town with Abby

April 7th, 2013 in About Me

Abby is my buddy when I want to go out at night to eat, walk the marina, do an errand, etc. Cameron is more of a homebody and just likes being there. So Abby will try the new food with me or be adventurous and go to a new place.

When we go out I am always struck by two things: #1 Abby is getting older and #2 Abby is still a little girl. She always puts a lot of effort into her outfit and accessories when we go out. She swishes her hair in this special way, talks to me differently, and acts like we are girls on the town. But then after about an hour in she starts acting like a little girl. She gets tired, fidgety, I have to remind her where we are and to sit down. But I do it all with a huge grin because I love realizing that she is pretty little still. And every time she falls asleep on the way home. So I roll down the windows, turn up the music, let the cool jungle breeze blow on our faces, and fall even more in love with her.

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