Newest Favorite Things

October 20th, 2010 in About Me

Don’t you just *love* when you find a new product and it quickly becomes one of your new favorites? Then you end up telling everyone who will listen to you about it?  And then you get so excited when one of your friends gets hooked on it as well?

WELL, today I am going to do that to you.  Get ready!

#1 Tomato Chicken Bouillon Cubes: Makes the PERFECT Mexican rice and all you do is plop it into the water with the rice! Everyone always asks how I make it…so simple.

#2 Artisan Salt Company Salt: There are lots of different flavors.  I recommend ‘Gray Salt.’  Honest to goodness, having a nice salt makes a huge difference in the taste of your cooking.

#3 Izze Sodas: Good for you and good to your tummy. When we have company I buy these and everyone has a ball trying the different flavors. They are always at higher end grocery stores or health food stores.

#4 Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion: Last week I had something done to my hair called a ‘Brazilian Blowout‘ which basically makes it so your hair can air dry (or blow dry) silky smooth and straight without you doing anything to it. The down side with this (and also with my hair, in general, before having this done) is that my hair starts to look a bit greasy at the end of the day or if I try to wash it every other day. This “Hair Potion” is like a baby powder that you rub into your roots and it looks as if you just re-did your hair. It saved me at my latest last minute TV appearance.

#5 Blood Orange Italian Soda or Sparkling Soda:Holy moliness, this is good.  I have seen it at Costco or at the health food store.  The Natural Organics brand is the best.  MUST TRY SOON.

#6 Green & Black’s Organic Milk Chocolate Crystallized Peanut Bar:I have found these at Harmon’s, Target, Whole Foods and online. Mmmmm, Mr. Goodbar, I will never even *THINK* of you again.

Have you tried any of these? Tell me if you do!


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