*New* Utah Museum of Natural History

January 5th, 2012 in Love of Local in Utah

We bought a family pass to the new Utah Museum of Natural History less than a week ago and we already have been up there twice. I am just blown away at how they have put this museum together… I am finding it hard to write a post about it! Let me try to relay how I feel about this place:

  • It is stunning. The way they display the fossils, minerals and dinosaur bones is beautiful. I love how they have the museum set up, the way it flows and how it is so open. I’m impressed with the durability and sharpness of all their signs, interactive displays and exhibits.
  • The balance of it all. You get a good amount of Utah history, science, dinosaurs, minerals, fossils, the environment and many more subjects. It is not too heavy or too slim on any subject.
  • The value, the admission and the price of a year pass is a steal. A STEAL. Your time there with your family will fly by. You will soak up so much information and you will only feel like you have taken advantage of no more than A TENTH of what the museum has for you.
  • Details. Who went through this place with a fine-tooth comb to make sure every single detail was thought through and perfected? Everyone that was involved in this museum has to be the best of the best. I mean, even how you walk in and can wave your body to make these plants wave back and forth faster or slower is just so clever.
  • You will learn anything no matter your age. This is a place I will come to by myself to sharpen up this (at times) dull mom brain, a place I will come with just my friends for a fun night out, a place I will bring my husband for date night and a place I will bring my children. They have put together the exhibits and displays in a way that everyone will have a good time and learn quite a bit. 

  • The location could not be in a more beautiful location in Utah. The views from the roof and walking up to the building… boy oh boy, it is just perfect.
I feel like this post does not do the museum justice. The museum will surpass your expectations and anything I have mentioned in this post. I am so proud that Utah has a place like this.
Well done, my friends at Utah Museum of Natural History.
disclosure: I am not working with the UMNH in any way whatsoever but in the past I worked with their old museum. 
P.S. I am already working on lesson plans to do at home with your kids that will go along with the different exhibits. We are taking full advantage of everything this museum has to offer, and I can’t wait to share it with you all.
P.P.S. My girls cannot wait to attend Science Camp at the new museum. They have gone for 2-3 years to the old museum… who knew it could get even more better?


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