New Puppy

July 7th, 2010 in About Me

We are in love over here.  We got a brand new puppy!

My husband is a dog trainer and he also trains protection dogs. He trained a male Belgian Malinois and a female German Shepherd, both from the top breed lines over in Europe. (Don’t worry.  We love mutts too, and have one of those as well!)  We adore both the Malinois and German Shepherd and we watch them when their families go out of town. Honest to goodness, these are some of our favorite dogs.

Well these two dogs got together by accident at the groomers.  When we heard that, we knew we would have a new puppy in a little while. Now that our puppy is old enough (p.s. you should NEVER get a puppy younger than 8 weeks), he is HOME.

His name is Crash.

He gets carried around all day long like this…

And this…

And I find the two of them sitting or fast asleep together at night…

We love him!


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