New eeBoo products

It has been a long time since I have posted about one of my favorite companies, eeBoo. Almost all the board games we play are eeBoo games. But, after a couple of years we were in need of swapping them out for some new ones.

This Fairy Tale game is AWESOME and NO, it is not just for girls because over half of the story cards in there are very “boyish.” Honestly I think the whole game is very non-gender; I just wish they hadn’t put a big princess on the front. I’m sure that’s a turn-off for some boys.

Next on my list is this Robot Game. Doesn’t it look like so much fun! Seriously, is my kind of company. I have never worked with them in the slightest; I just honestly adore ALL of their products. They fill up our house with fun.

I love their “Tell Me a Story” line. THIS is how we sometimes keep reverent during church and sometimes keep the screaming to a minimum in the car. (Sometimes…did I say sometimes yet?) It is just a box full of heavy-duty cards with very eclectic, unique illustrations. You should hear the stories they come up with–they’re so creative! The girls need to start releasing children’s books ASAP!

At they point you in the right direction as to where to find them but I have always picked them up at The Childrens Hour in Salt Lake City, La Dee Daa Boutique in Highland or at The Emporium at Thanksgiving Point.

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