Neighborhood Art Group

July 22nd, 2010 in Crafts

We did another art group last week.  It was messy but fun! And I am a bit bummed that I didn’t get good pictures of the end product or the mixing of paint…what can I say? I was busy!

I had butcher paper laid out on the ground, held down with rocks. Each child could have their body traced  with a marker. It is really fun to have the kids do “action shots.”  It looks even cooler when you cut it out!

Then I made watercolor paint with powdered tempura paint and water. I put water in a lot of cheap plastic storage containers and then had all the kids sit on my front steps. Then we went over what all the colors are and which ones you can mix together.  We put the powdered paint in the containers (not too much because we were just making watercolor paint), put on the lids and let the kids shake them around to make the different colors. Then we got to painting!

I tried to pick a picture where you couldn't see any kid's faces.
Let me know if you can!

We painted with things beginning with the letter F: feathers, fingers and feet. Then we did a painting technique called “flicking,” where you just bend the paintbrush back and flick the paint on.

At the end you can cut out your body shape and hang your art up on the back of your wall. This was a fun, but MESSY one!


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