My Little Pony Party

October 11th, 2013 in Parties

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My Little Pony Party

I wish I could post pictures of all the sweet girls having FUN at the party. But some people don’t like their kid’s pictures on the internet–and I try to be respectful. Which is why all my birthday posts look like ghost towns. Ok here we go again…

Invitation done for $11 by Elephants & Rabbits on Etsy

Decor: I re-use a lot of items over and over. Birthday banners, yards of fabric, little odds and ends, those hanging rainbow pom pom thingys. I did buy the My Little Pony posters from Zazzle for the backdrop.

Outfit: I buy the girls’ birthday shirts from Petit Lemon, the rainbow birthday skirt was made by Nini’s Love on Etsy. That rainbow headband is by LaLaLola on Etsy. HOW DARE YOU! YOU SAY I HAVE AN ETSY PROBLEM! For the rude.

Cake & Cupcakes: They are by One Sweet Slice in Utah. I could not find my candles so birthday girl got some sparklers going on! Marigolds are her birthday flower so I threw some of those around the cupcakes.

Games/Activities/Crafts: The party was only an hour and a half long so I decided to spend most of it painting. I ordered these “blank” ponies from Hasbro and they were a hit! When the girls were done painting them we sprayed them outside with a glitter sealant and they were ready to go an hour later. Then I gave each girl their pony masks (you can buy downloads of super cute pony masks from Hungry Panda Supplies on Etsy for $4) and we figured out everyone’s pony name! You can find the handout on figuring out your pony name based on your birthdate and letters of your name here. Then we just played silly games like; Pinkie Pinkie PIE/Duck Duck Goose, Pony Says/Simon Says, and Freeze Dancing. We also played My Little Pony Charades in a cute way. I had two girls in masks for each main character (Apple Jack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight Sparkle) and had them act out something that their character was known for. Example Fluttershy being shy, Rainbow Dash flying, Apple Jack being a cowgirl, things like that.

Party Favors: During the back to school sales they had My Little Pony folders really cheap. So I picked those up, put the figure out your pony name handout in it, their pony mask, and four coloring pages. Then they got a bottlecap necklace with a character on it, you can find those all over on Etsy. They took their painted My Little Pony home and also a little toy. I like giving good party favors; in the past I have just done a book. I just like giving things that they kids won’t break in five seconds or forget about.

This little girl was in heaven!!!

And so were her 11 little friends. 

This is something I love doing as a mom, I love planning their parties with them. So no digs my friends, no digs. 

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