My Husband Sicced the Dog on My Brother

September 30th, 2011 in About Me

There are many different parts of my husband’s dog businesses: training local dogs, training dogs of high profile clients, taking on dogs for “boot camp,” videos to buy online, a radio show, media spots, a new DVD line coming out, 3 employees, part time employees (e.g., my poor brother who has to be the demo guy), traveling everywhere in Utah, traveling everywhere in the country, and traveling everywhere in the world.

He used to train protection dogs full time out in Boston. But with his own business now, he only trains protection dogs about once or twice a year. People buy these dogs for 20 grand up to 50 grand.

I wanted to show you the one he is training now. These dogs are BRED over in Europe, trained by professionals and


Boy do they have a ball. They are happy, happy dogs. They provide a service to their owners by protecting them, and they get loved by their owners like a member of the family.

This is my husband and one of his trainers working with the new dog and also *OUR* protection dog, Rocco:

One of my brothers is a local college student and so we hired him just part time to be a “Decoy,” which means he wears the suit and takes the bites.

Do I get some enjoyment from seeing him get bitten?  After, all, he sometimes was a stinkerbum when we were little. Uh, I won’t answer 😉

All I know is that it is a busy, busy house over here! A house that is unlike any other…I really can say that for sure.

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