My Brother the Missionary

July 28th, 2009 in family

I wrote this a couple days after my little brother left for his mission and I am missing him quite a bit today.  So yes, I might be crying as I post this….but I’ll get over it! If you happen to be in Mexico and see a huge freckle-faced, extremely tall white guy (most likely bright red from being in a stuffy suit), please grab him and give him a huge hug from me. He is serving a mission for our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, in Mexico.

Ever since Bryan was an itty bitty we all knew there was something very special about him. As a baby, toddler, little boy, teenager and now a man it has always been apparent throughout his life.

He was MEANT to be a missionary.

He has a warmth to him like no one I’ve met. You know when you meet him you can trust him, confide in him, depend on him and that he genuinely cares for you. There is no hidden agenda, wondering what he really thinks, talking about you behind your back. He does not care too much what you think of him. His laughter, his smile, his love for his family is pure and never ending. You know he will be there for you forever. He is the ultimate friend.

This is a gift. This is his talent.

I know only HE can bring certain people, certain souls, certain GENERATIONS to the gospel. God will be able to use him to help spread his message; he is humble and he is ready.

THIS is what I KNOW he can do.

And I could not be more proud.

I love you, Bryan.

I cannot wait to see how even more amazing you will be in two more years.


Your Big (and very bossy) Sister

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