My Baby

September 5th, 2009 in Life


You are turning two soon. This is the first time I am really not looking forward to a birthday.

Being two means Mommy doesn’t have a baby anymore.   Being two means you are such a huge step closer to….gulp….you know, growing up. Being two means you say “No,” “I can do it,” and “Put me down!”

 I still want a baby, and I still want it to be you. Promise to still ask, “Mommy hold me, hold me like a baby?” Promise me you will just want to cuddle for a few minutes when you first wake up? Promise to always give me mucka mucka, hugs, and kisses- and always in that order? Promise to lay with me in your tent and read books all morning long while you rest your head on my shoulder and sigh with love? Promise to ALWAYS give me that huge grin every time I walk into a room while you scream “Mommy,” and run to me?  Promise to always sit at the kitchen table with me and sing our favorite songs? I sing the first part of the sentence and you sing the end? Like always?  Promise to dance with me every day in the living room at 3pm? Promise to still watch pink sunsets with me?

Promise to always rest your head close to my heart never to part, baby of mine?

Promise Promise?

I already miss the baby you.

But you know what? You will always always be my baby.




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