Preschool with Mrs. Mom

I put Abby into afternoon Kindergarten for a reason. Shae takes her longest nap in the afternoon, exactly during Abby’s school time, so now Poki (Cameron) and I can have the afternoon all to ourselves!!

I get them both ready for school at the same time and they both pack up their backpacks. I put out all of our “Preschool with Mom” items on the kitchen table so they are ready to go when we get back home from dropping off Abby at school.

When we get back home I tell Poki to wait on the doorstep. Then I put Shae in her bed and there is a knock on the door.  I open up and say, “WELCOME TO SCHOOL! I AM MRS. MOM! COME SIT DOWN!”

We have two parts of “Preschool with Mom.” First, the learning part where we learn a new letter every day and review the other letters we have learned. Then we have a fun part where we make a craft, color or learn about something silly and fun.

This is what I do with Poki to teach a new letter each day.  (I did the same thing with Abby.)

  • Sing the ABCs and read one of our alphabet books. I have a list of my favorites here.
  • We review all the letters we have already learned. I call it a “quiz” and she has to name the letter and tell me what sound it makes.
  • We read the poem and action story about the letter from The Amazing Action Alphabet display book.
  • I have her tell me all the things she can think of that start with this letter.
  • We complete the worksheet from The Amazing Action Alphabet workbook. The activities are fun; sometimes they involve leaf rubbing, blowing bubbles or finger painting.
  • I have her sing the simple song “A says Ah, A says AH, Every letter makes a sound A says Ah” over and over throughout the lesson time.
  • We go upstairs and look through our books and find books that start with the letter we are working on. While we read the book she points out the letter of the day on each page.
  • Then lastly, we work on writing the letter. Sometimes I have her write it on lined paper where I have already sketched the letter for her to trace and then provided a line for her to write the letter on her own. Or I’ll just buy a cheap school workbook from Costco where that is already done for me.
  • Every few days during our second part of school (our “fun time”), we work on our Gratitude Alphabet. For each letter we draw/create/cut out things we are thankful for that start with the letter. It’s been anything from a person to a favorite food to our favorite object outdoors. Oh my goodness, look at this picture below. That is from over 3 years ago when I was doing this with my oldest:
  • I usually go through the alphabet three times. The last two times I focus more on writing and also teaching more in depth about the “small” letter that goes along with the big letter. Also, I work more on recognizing the letter through matching and alphabet games.
Back in 2008 I wrote a guest post over at Make & Takes on our Letter of the Day, how I also use nature and celebration to teach the alphabet. That is a good resource too. Check it out here

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