Montana–Day 6: Llama Trek

January 29th, 2017 in Our Travels Worldwide

On our way home from our vacation we stopped to do a llama trek. I booked this activity mainly for Tyler, he loves llamas and has always wanted to do this.

All of the activities we did were fun, adventurous, and a success. But like I said, the people were not very warm or polite. So when we arrived to our last activity I was a bit apprehensive. I was really quite tired of feeling like I was a bother to people WHILE I was paying them to I guess, be a bother. I was so glad when we were greeted by kind tour guides, who were excited we were there and to take us out. This facility offers a lot of different things in Montana and I could write a long post just about how much I enjoyed working with them. So let me link to them right here: Swan Mountain Outfitters. Because they were generous, attentive, kind, and FUN.

Back to the trip, I knew this activity would push my girls (and who are we kidding, myself too) physically the most. They were going to do a five mile hike while pulling llamas. Note to parents, if you want your children to not whine during a hike and not stop a million times….HAVE THEM PULL A LLAMA. It also helped that it was shaded, gorgeous, and fun facts were given the whole way. The tour guide showed us the roots that they use to make Root Beer (or Sarsaparilla, I forget which one), the names of wild flowers (Aster was out there, Reagan’s birth flower), and lots of different facts about animals. Cameron is a big fan or minerals, plants, etc and was excited to find her favorite kind of tree out there. The tour guides even helped me carry Reagan on their shoulders.

They took us on a wonderful hike, we crossed a stream, and had a delicious lunch in a meadow.

But most of all I loved watching my girls pull llamas through the Montana forest. It also was the most random thing to turn my head and see a llama face right over my shoulder.

I wish I had a picture of our tour guides so I could give them a proper shout out. But I’m so thankful to them and this company for helping me have such an unforgettable time with my girls.


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  • Katy
    January 30th, 2017 at 1:43 am

    This sounds like such cool holiday!

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