Montana–Day 5: Boating on Flathead Lake

January 29th, 2017 in Our Travels Worldwide

My girls have been jet skiing a few times but never boating. While growing up myself, a couple of summers we had a boat. Two big memories I have from boating as a teenager are: #1 Having to jumpstart the boat in the dock from the car, hahaha #2 Having SO much fun with my dad. I wanted my girls to go tubing behind a boat but little did I know there would be someone in my family that all the sudden becomes very protective around boats. TYLER. Oh my goodness you guys, it was cute and cracking me up, and sometimes really annoying. He was so scared the girls were going to get hurt, left in the water, scared, etc. He showed me a line that he wanted me to drive back and forth in and not divert from. He wanted me to go a certain speed limit. And lastly, he wanted to be on the tube with the girls. Anytime he felt like I was speeding up too fast he would start screaming like someone had died. Oh goodness, I have never seen him that protective over his girls.

Quite possibly the girls could be scarred forever from being on a boat. Or maybe they didn’t even notice and had fun anyways. The water was pretty cold but by then they were getting used to the cold water and took turns jumping off the boat or jumping off the big tube.



Can you feel his protective, suffocating love from the screen?! Hahaha, I laughed so hard that day. After we boated for a long time we were STARVING. I thought it would be fun to take the girls to an old time soda fountain shop. It was also a old time candy store and the girls really enjoyed eating there. The food was so good too, I told you we didn’t have a bad meal while in Montana! It was called Norm’s News Soda Fountain & Candy Shop. It was a hit!


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