Monday’s Mini Maven

March 14th, 2011 in Monday's Maven

Monday’s Mini Maven

It’s Abby’s birthday this week so she is my very special “Mini Maven.” These are the very important things you should know about her:

  • She tells everyone she HATES tomatoes but then clarifies with, “Well I like them crushed up but never, ever sliced on my sandwich.” Sometimes she tells people she is ALLERGIC to them but she is not.
  • Abby is the one in the house I need to be easier on. I forget how young she is way too often.
  • Abby loves her daddy more than anything in the world. She begs him to stay home and not work every day.
  • She worries about people when she notices they are sad. She worries that ALL of her stuffed animals need to sleep on her bed so none of them are hurt. She worries about the Earth, she worries about our neighbors…she worries.
  • Abby writes things all day long: songs, poems, stories, notes in notebooks or on her blog. She is a very busy lady.
  • Abby took 26 hours of labor to come out and still takes quite a bit of my energy just keeping up with her. She does dance class, theatre class and karate….and she needs to.

  • She is a very, very beautiful girl. She has magic eyes that can be blue, green, brown or all mixed up. She is also a very tall little girl.
  • Abby has very important things in store for her life and sometimes it scares me that I was picked to be her mom.
  • Abby is going to be…gulp….5.  And her mother will bawl when it happens.

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