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September 7th, 2009 in Monday's Maven

Monday’s Maven


Full Name: Joanie Atwater (aka Jones)

blog: Keeping Up With M.O.M. (Mediocre.Outlandish.Me)

Kids: Maddelyn (4.5), & Noah (2)

Location: Orem, Utah

One Word that Describes You: Ridiculous

What makes you smile? Candy. Movies. My kids’ funny comments. Lunch with friends. My husband telling me I’m hot.

What is one of your dreams you hope to accomplish soon? I want to paint the cutest, most fun, framed collections of pop art for children’s rooms. Also to accomplish more with my business “Teeny Weeny Beeny” (children’s crocheted boutique-style flower beanies).

What gives you anxiety as a mother? Loud noises when my children are sleeping gives me anxiety.

How do you deal with it? I cringe and hope they don’t wake up prematurely. That’s all I got. I feel more anxiety as a wife than a mother.

What is your guilty pleasure? Crappy reality shows, talent shows, and make-over shows.

What do you love most about you? The simple fact that, if you can’t get along with me, you can go ahead and consider yourself the problem. Yes. I’m THAT awesome. (<—PS I totally agree with this statement -Vanessa)

Favorite Place? Favorite place I can afford to go to??? BORDERS. I love to go there and read in the comfy chairs and order a cocoa trio…that’s the kid’s hot cocoa, but it’s the same size and cheaper – Just ask them to heat it up more 😉

Who is your hero? My husband, Rob. He’s a better provider, better home maker and better house keeper than I am.  AND less selfish…..I’m working on it 😉

Your advice to other moms: Hmmm. Relax? I really don’t think there are many mothers who want to mimic my parenting style. I mean, let’s just be honest here, I’m not the most responsible mommy. Only thing I can think of is….be a parent first and the friendship will follow, as long as you make sure to show your children love after teaching/disciplining them…


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