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December 13th, 2010 in Monday's Maven

Monday’s Maven

Full Name: Amy Huntley


Location: Utah

kids: I have 5 kids:

Thing 1 is a 12 yo boy who loves to read and swim and has ventured into the scary realm aka as Jr. High School
Thing 2 is a 10 yo boy who loves to play the guitar, baseball and collect bugs
Thing 3 is an 8 yo girl who is a tomboy that is always outside or playing with friends
Thing 4 is a 6 yo girl who is a drama queen that loves to dance and sing
Thing 5 is a 3 yo girl who is my shadow.  She loves Mickey Mouse and would eat candy all day long if allowed.

One Word that Describes You: Obsessive-Compulsive  (Is that one word or technically two??)

What makes you smile? I love a clean and organized house.  Chocolate.  A good day with the family.  Sleeping children.

What is one of your dreams you hope to accomplish soon? Run a half marathon.  My hope is to run one in the spring.  I just finished my first triathlon last summer and am working towards running my first half-marathon.  I am too chicken to run a full marathon.

One of Your favorite motherhood moments? Watching my kids fully embrace, love and defend one of their neighbor friends who has Down Syndrome.  It melts my heart.

What is your guilty pleasure? Ummm…just one?  I LOVE chocolate.  I Love Dr. Pepper…but I just recently quit drinking it to train for my half marathon :( !  A new purse!  Watching in mild horror/fascination the show Hoarders!

What do you love most about you? My resilience and faith.

Favorite Holiday? My favorite Holiday would be to get away to a tropical island and just veg.  Sleep in, eat breakfast in bed, lay out in the sun and read, do some light touristy shopping, go sight seeing and just relax…no particular scehdule, no cleaning, no dishes, no phone, no internet…just me and my handsome hubs.  That’s not too much to ask is it?

Who is your hero? My Mom!!!  She is an amazing woman from a line of amazing women.

What Are your Top 3 Ideas for Holiday Neighbor Gifts?:

Monogrammed Hand Sanitizers

Oven Hand Mitts

Fabric Key Chains

Note from Vanessa: I also thought her Snow Cone Neighbor Gift Idea was awesome and VERY unique!

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