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November 1st, 2010 in Monday's Maven

Monday’s Maven

Full Name: Hannah Craner


Sherbet Blossom

Location: Utah

kids: Three darling kiddos: a beautiful 5 year old, a hilarious 3 year
old, and a chunky 9 month old

One Word that Describes You: Loyal

What makes you smile? Babies. Warm cookies. Sunshine. A night with my sisters. Sibling giggles. Giving gifts. Baby booties. Gardening. Sending cards. A clean sink. Sundays.Autumn smells.

What is one of your dreams you hope to accomplish soon? I’d like to make a new kitchen tabletop for my dining set. Currently living with a
mini IKEA table that sits four–uncomfortably.

One of Your favorite motherhood moments? There are too many: the first moment I held them, quiet moments in the hospital holding a sleeping newborn, celebrating every first, rediscovering the world through their eyes, funny statements from a three year old that we still quote years later, teaching them to read, morning cuddles. I can’t pick one moment. I truly can’t. Every day with them is a blessing. Every moment I am living is a new favorite.

What is your guilty pleasure? Carbs. (Especially my mother’s rolls. I
could eat a dozen in one sitting.)

What do you love most about you? I love that I celebrate the everyday,
simple moments in life. I enjoy the journey with my children. I find sweetness in these starving student years of our marriage. I love our little home and our very simple possessions. We certainly aren’t in the easiest time of our life, but I can find joy in it. I can be happy regardless of our trials.

Favorite Place? I grew up in a family of travelers. We spend our money on family trips rather than an elegant home. We’d rather be in a new place than sporting a new purse. It’s who we are. We love new people, new food, new buildings and new cultures. I relish these memories with my family. Although we visited a lot of interesting places, my favorite place was my grandparent’s cabin in VERY Small Town, Utah. It
is only 1.5 hours away and surrounded by the Uintahs. No internet. Most cell phones don’t have service and they certainly don’t have a landline. It is an escape. A step back. It’s a place that rejuvenates the soul.

Who is your hero? My parents are my heros. They are good people. Very good people. They taught me to be respectful, kind and thoughtful. They gave me my love for all things pretty and delicious food. They instilled in me a desire for morality and spirituality. They taught me to love myself and my life. They taught me to not take things so seriously and to laugh. Their happy marriage helped me have
my happy marriage. Their faith led me to find my own.

How do you balance blogging in your life and not let it take over? ?: This has always been a struggle for me. Because I am a graphic designer for a monthly magazine publication, an owner of a graphic design shop and a blogger, I sometimes feel like my life revolves around my computer. Finding balance is something I am constantly working at. I reevaluate my priorities every week, thinking of my children first. If I don’t feel like my children’s needs were taken care of, I cut back on blogging. My three kiddos always come first. I remind myself often that my readers won’t mind if they don’t hear from me for a few days, but my children will.

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