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August 24th, 2009 in Monday's Maven

Monday’s Maven


Full Name: Jenny Eckton


(p.s. I really really love her blog)

Kids: 4 girls (ages: 10, almost 8, 5, and 16 months), and 2 boys (ages: almost 3, and would be almost 9, but he passed away)

Location: New Yorker in Utah

One Word that Describes You: loyal

What makes you smile? My kids.  Cliché?  Probably, but it’s the truth.  I love being with my kids.  Also: Clever things, funny things, sentimental things, beautiful things.

What is one of your dreams you hope to accomplish soon? To make my home, specifically my bedroom, a haven rather than a catch-all.

What gives you anxiety as a mother? Letting go; they’re growing up and we’re moving into a different stage (soon, fingers crossed, we’ll all be able to go to a movie together!  Without causing a scene!).  I feel like I had things under control when we were all content to stay home, or go outside, but only for a few hours before coming back in for a nap.  Now the older ones want to go Everywhere with their friends, but I’m still having to stay home with the wee ones.  Can’t they just wait for me?

How do you deal with it? I repeat the following to myself:  “Say Yes more than you say No.”

What is your guilty pleasure? Juvenile humor, usually in the form of Adam Sandler movies and the like.

What do you love most about you? That I know myself; more accurately, I know that the things I do are right by me, and since I pray often, okay with the Lord.  This might be called integrity, it might be called loyalty, but as I go throughout my busy days, as well as in my quiet (and lonely) moments, deep down I feel I’m on the right track.

Favorite place? My favorite place to travel is the Western Carribbean, via a 10-day family-sized Disney Cruise.  I’ll let you know when I’ve actually done this.

Who is your hero?
I have many, but most prevalent in my mind these days is my friend Stephanie.

Your advice to other moms:  take EVERY SINGLE piece of advice you get from other moms, put those pieces in a box, and burn it. Or the grain of salt thing. Whichever.


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